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Comsaed Products

From the operation under the concept of environmentally friendly always and actively In addition to the nature of the forest park area complete with the shady of the resort area, which creates aesthetics for all the guests who come to the impressive place. Nature has also created many raw materials for the Comsaed people to use their knowledge and knowledge to develop various quality and useful products. That has been tested and tested to be standard Which if dividing the product groups that are products made from natural raw materials in this resort Can be divided into two groups according to the form of use is Comsaed natural products. Refreshing and beauty and Comsaed green products or products for use in environmentally friendly. From now on, we will introduce you to the history of the development of quality products from Comsaed River Kwai Resort for both groups.

The beginning of natural products, Comsaed ... beginning with fragrant flowers. That is rubbish, must be discarded Transformed into a property (Trash to Treasure) that adds value to the organization.

From fragrant white pip flowers That once had fallen from the tree Standing majestically in the hundreds Within the hotel's forest park One senior employee Saw him and regret The idea came to experiment with making ancient tea flowers, dried, then roasted through heat. To disinfect, disinfect, bring to brew as tea, welcome drink Until receiving a good response from the guests.

From then, the idea of adding value to flowers that fell from trees Occurred in the minds of the executives and staff of Comsaed, beginning to gather knowledge from villagers Come to brainstorm Help research To change raw materials from nature To become ComSad's products, the employees are sent to continuously study and learn from various institutions and organizations.

For a period of 2 years, Comsaed Rice has studied information about the properties of each flower. And selected to produce a product that is suitable for the properties of that flower Before producing, improving and testing with hundreds of employees. Even to be released in the hotel room to replace the shampoo and liquid soap from the market that contains chemical ingredients.

After the product has been used in the room for up to 3 years, it is found that hundreds of thousands of guests are more than 50% interested and buy back to use themselves until ComSad needs to increase production. Until the aforementioned work gradually grew to become separated, forming a Comsaed Natural Products Co., Ltd.

Comsaed Natural Products has managed production. And marketing under the concept 'Sufficiency economy' only by using flowers and plants inside the hotel area, starting with 'do it for use' and then sell it for the rest. By not investing hundreds of acres of trees in order to find the maximum benefit according to the capitalist system And not produced in an industrial system that focuses on quantity only.

Production methods emphasize production by hand. Along with the clean modern methods Free from contaminants By drying in a temperature controlled oven And through the germicidal room with UV light of not less than 24 hours every piece Therefore allowing ComSad's products It is a valuable and rare product of high quality.

When the product of Comsaed Rice Has received extensive support from customers. Giving the opportunity to be sold at the Golden Place stores, stores under the royal patronage Which is another proof of the quality of Comsaed products Because before the product can be sold Must go through the inspection process Thorough screening of the said store Have checked since the origin of the raw material Until production and packaging Comsaed Rice Products Therefore is very proud of Comsaed people.

The return from the effort to care for the environment within the resort since the beginning of the business. The beauty of the natural environment With large trees scattered in the area Combined with the terrain that is nestled on the major rivers of Kanchanaburi The "Kwai Yai River", the nature of Comsaed River, the top-rated beautiful River Kwai Resort in Kanchanaburi, therefore, is of interest to anyone who has a chance to visit, all wanting to know what secrets.

Of course, nature is a great miracle that is difficult to understand, but not beyond the intention to study and learn. And from this point of view, the Comsaedans have a unique culture in education. From the story of the beautiful nature all around, from a perspective on creating a pure environment And many more stories, the Comsaed River Kwai Resort has gradually developed itself into a place of excellent recreation. Into a source of learning about the science of nature and the environment Livelihoods of rural people And various stories of local art and culture.

In terms of being a source of learning about the complete ecology of forests And creating a way of life that is environmentally friendly that occurs like Wood charcoal production Dealing with fallen leaves is a good quality fertilizer that is highly effective in soil maintenance. Biogas production Demonstrations of Thai rural society that are agricultural societies such as rice farming, rice milling, etc. also create value added in many other environmentally friendly products such as wood vinegar. Quality charcoal, compost, insect repellent, charcoal absorb toxic substances, soap, charcoal, bio-fermented water Odor eliminator Creating income for the resort is another way to take care of the natural environment seriously. Nature always gives us good rewards.

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