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With complete Perfect of Comsaed in terms of meeting room service And banquets of all kinds that you want Causing various departments Choose to use the words Is a meeting place, seminar, observing and banqueting, especially that will be very satisfied by senior executives and practitioners Because of the beautiful peace of the place.

Meeting room Which is fully equipped with standard seminar equipment including projectors, scenes, audio, microphones, wireless and WIFI internet, ready to open for groups of up to 5 attendees including.

Rachavadee Ballroom

Can support seminars for 100 - 200 people and can also be used for banquets or events. Spacious, comfortable Because it is next to the lobby.


Able to accommodate 80 - 150 people, located in a group together with accommodation Mountain Wing Guests in this wing May choose to use this room Organize their own group activities In proportion.


Able to accommodate 40 - 70 people, next to the River Kwai.

Kinnaree and Anodart

Located on the highest floor of the River Wing Building for 2 small group meetings of 15 - 20 people with a drink bar And surrounded by a spacious open terrace area that can organize private events or banquets and enjoy the panoramic views.

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