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Aside from the clean, beautiful, comfortable rooms that Comsaed by everyone There are many corners of the Comsaed area within which you and your family can choose to spend good times. Harvest happiness from various services and facilities. Which covers all your needs.

Lobby Terrace and Coffee & Herbal Gardens

Comsaed Lobby Terrace and Coffee & Herbal Gardens are tastefully decorated. In an open and comfortable atmosphere Let you sit back and relax with a variety of entertainment activities, such as sipping a fragrant coffee or tasting great cocktails and experiencing musical aesthetic with piano and violin sounds from professional musicians live at the Lobby every day.

The Castle Restaurant

Luxurious restaurant The Castle The Grill atmosphere, but serves both Thai food. International food And healthy food Or enjoying the group at the karaoke room For complete entertainment There are various rooms and locations arranged within the hotel area.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is located in the garden next to the model waterfall. Is a standard size 2 level pool, 2 size pools in a lush garden With a fountain at the edge of the pool Which makes playing in the water more enjoyable The pool was designed in harmony with the location. And see beautiful natural scenery.

Comsaed Spa

Standardized spa Pride of Comsaed is offering a variety of courses. According to your needs such as aromatherapy massage for relaxation Royal Thai Massage Aroma therapy for skin care Foot Reflexology Dome, Marine, detoxify, steam or herbal sauna And healthy flowers, etc. by honored guests Can phone Reservations can be made at Comsaed Spa 0-3463-1443-9 ext. 410.

Lobby Gift Shop

Lobby Gift Shop selling souvenirs That allows you to buy souvenirs A variety of favorite things Including natural health products from Comsaed before returning home.

Pinpaka Outlet

Open air food kiosks Located in the garden For you to eat local food at an affordable price, such as papaya salad, meatballs, grilled noodle and a la carte dishes, etc., in the refreshing atmosphere of the forest park.

Rom Mai Road

The road on both sides of the road consists of activity houses. Name of house, 1 wooden house, 3 activity pavilions, 5 kiosks, etc. 3 activity pavilions have fun activities to do. There are products for sale as well as show production of both Natural product and Green product. There are game booths and sales booths. There is a children's toy near the pile of sand. And there are ancient swings tied to the trees to swing around You can play activities. And have fun walking and shopping Along both sides of the Rom Mai Road, Rom Mai Road is open Saturday and Sunday.

Bar Garden

Bar Garden Experience the atmosphere of Music in The park every night with a restaurant in the garden.

In the form of an international food kiosk With drinks, steak, Pad Thai, BBQ pork, seafood chicken Dessert and fruit

Coffee Shop

Chill with สบาย สบาย กาแฟสด (Sabai Sabai Fresh Coffee), the best coffee shop in Comsead with good taste and good feeling

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