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  • Hotspots in Comsaed

  • Hotspots in Comsaed

  • Hotspots in Comsaed

  • Hotspots in Comsaed

  • Hotspots in Comsaed

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Hotspots in Comsaed

With a vast territory until becoming a community or a small, livable city surrounded by nature. Furthermore, the landscape is still fresh within Comsaed. Thus it is full of space including a small corner, many interesting areas for guests to try to experience.

Comsaed Forest Park

Important symbol That every hotel guest will remember And think of the identity of Comsaed Bar Green forest park on a vast area of more than 100 rai on the banks of this Kwai Yai River. Abundantly shaded by numerous large trees To make those who have Came to experience, must fall in love with Comsaed at first sight.

View of the River Kwai

Comsaed River Kwai is outstanding. With the area of ​​the hotel Which is parallel to River Kwai Yai Or the Si Sawat River The symbolic river of Kanchanaburi Which has a bridge over the River Kwai across Not only the length of the river to 1 kilometer, but the banks of the Kwai Yai in the territory of the Comsaed in the name of the area is also known as This river is one of the most beautiful as well.

Pebble beach

Natural pebble beach River bank, Kwai Yai A beautiful space in the dream of Comsaed's visitors, a lot to give A special guest like you can spend a good time doing activities or relaxing. With the lazy river In the foreground slowly.


Fountain sculpture In front of the Comsaed Lobby is the area that invites all guests to enter this realm of natural relaxation. Resulting in impressive impressions from the beginning.

Stream and waterfall, Comsaed (Man made)

Aside from being refreshing Beautiful stream of nature Kwai Yai River That flows through the hotel and then in the Comsaed by ourselves, guests will also experience Absorb the coolness from the simulated stream water throughout the area. From workmanship designed by Professional architects, both waterfalls and creeks that flow through the forest plantations. And the hotel building Harmoniously natural.

Tree Tunnel Road

As soon as you arrive at the resort From the hospitality of the staff with a smile From the fountain of the beautiful fountain that is used for the drama In a split second that turned the car towards the lobby You will notice large tree arches lined up on both sides of the road that descends from a high hill. This is the tree tunnel road. Lined with trees to tell you that You have arrived in this fresh, pure natural kingdom.


From the length of the bank of the Kwai Yai River, within the kilometer of the resort Walking amid nature on the banks of the historical water route that traverses the east. If you continue to enjoy the nature of the river Only a short time you will find that the Kwai Yai River will enter the Elbow Water Trail until it forms a whirlpool basin that looks amazing ... Yes, that is the "whirlpool vortex", the nature of the river that the Comsaedan would like to invite everyone to experience with their eyes.

Comsaed Community

Area close to the banks of the Kwai Yai River. Another corner of Comsaed Comsa is the location of A small community of Comsaed staff living in a simple and sufficient living place in a beautiful, small hut, near agricultural plots. This is a learning community. That visitors to Comsaed Can come in and touch anytime.

Fish conservation

The simulated pool is sandwiched between the lobby building and the back room, which inside the pool guests can Appreciate a variety of beautiful rare fish species. That swim in the clear stream Enjoyably.

Suan Tum

Dharma practice places for all employees For the people of ComSad Everyone has known to calm the mind, talk, exchange problems in working with executives, discuss Dharma in order to apply Dhamma principles. Can be used in everyday life.

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