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Hotspots in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is the capital city of the western region of Thailand. Located not far from Bangkok Travel conveniently Complete with modern infrastructure systems And full of potential in the country's top tourism that attracts both Thai tourists And visitors from around the world come to experience.

Including the beauty of nature, forests, streams, caves, historic sites And the way of life of the local people In the surrounding area not far from the location of the Comsaed River Kwai Resort, there is also an important tourist attraction of Kanchanaburi. Waiting for you to travel to experience many.

Bridge on the River Kwai

Important symbols of the city of Kan. Which was built during World War 2 by allied prisoners of war, including British, American, Dutch, New Zealand and Australian, about 61,000 as recruited by the Japanese army For the construction of a strategic railroad to transport supplies Ordnance into Myanmar This bridge is a part of the railway line that has to be built across the Kwai Yai River. Which the construction is full of obstacles and difficulties including wild fever, food shortage Until causing tens of thousands of international forces to die.


Tha Makham Subdistrict from the city to the north on Highway 323 for about 4 kilometers. Turn left into 400 meters.

Don Rak Confederate Military Cemetery

The site of the spiritless bodies of the Confederate prisoners of war, 6,982 holes that died during the construction of the Death Railway. The cemetery is located in a vast area. Surrounded by shady and quiet.


Tha Makham Subdistrict from the city to the north on Highway 323 for about 4 kilometers. Turn left into 400 meters.

Rafting activity in front of the city

Travel activities like this that are well known, whether people of Kanchanaburi themselves. Or foreigners from different provinces is rafting activities From the city of Kanchanaburi itself is the point where two important rivers are Kwai Noi River And Kwai Yai River Flowing down from the high mountains in the north of the province to meet in the city. And is the starting point of the Mae Klong River, resulting in rafting activities with many operators lined up along the banks of the Mae Klong River in Kanchanaburi Municipality In which rafting also includes preparing food on the raft for tourists to enjoy the local Kanchanaburi recipes at the same time With the scenery on both sides of the river as well.


Pak Phraek Road, near Kanchanaburi Municipality Office.

Tha Lo Temple Beach

The sandy beach that is adjacent to the Mae Klong River during the time for the water. With a length of about 500 meters, sloping down to the river Is a new tourist attraction of Kan people Developed by the 'Landscape Improvement Project of Tha Lo Sub-district Administrative Organization', Tha Muang District, about 3 years ago, with a beautiful lake-like landscape From the sandy beach looking out to see the river And the high mountains in the background There is a cool breeze coming to the shore all the time. The beach has full facilities for tourists who come to swim, such as trampoline, rubber rings, umbrellas, life jackets, pedal boats, paddle boats, and a la carte food.


In the area of Tha Lo Temple, Tha Muang District, before reaching Kanchanaburi town, about 9 kilometers from Bangkok. The entrance to Tha Lo Temple is on the left Before the three-wheel intersection On the right is the evangelist shop, which is located opposite the temple entrance.

Don Chedi Memorial Phanom Thuan

Located at Don Chedi Subdistrict, Phanom Thuan District, Kanchanaburi Province in 1999, Kanchanaburi Province And the people of the faith throughout the country Donated funds to build King Naresuan the Monument Elephant stamp As a memorial to the Thai people Offered to pay homage to His Majesty's benevolence Gain victory in the war of the Iuthheete. Able to protect the independence of Thailand during the Ayutthaya period.


Don Chedi Memorial Of this Phanom Thuan district Located near In the area of ​​Don Chedi archaeological site The Fine Arts Department surveyed in 1982, which has found hundreds of skeletons in this area. As well as a large number of ancient swords, elephants and wares Including the remains of a pagoda in the Ayutthaya period From the excavated evidence, believe that This area used to be a battlefield for making the Iuthheete during the Ayutthaya period. Of King Naresuan before.

Comsaed River Kwai Resort

Leading resort in Kanchanaburi Outstanding in creating the nearly every square meter area within the resort as a natural viewpoint of the river and lush forest. The Comsaed River Kwai Resort is chosen to be the filming location for continuous and consistent romantic movies. Inevitably is a guarantee of the beauty of the area And became one of the tourist attractions that Kanchanaburi people are proud of.


89 Moo 5, Lat Ya Subdistrict, Mueang District, Kanchanaburi Province 71190 Tel. (034) 631 - 443 - 9 Fax (034) 589-094

Prommitr Movie Studio

Movie filming location The legend of King Naresuan Historical movies that create pride for Thai people. Which was filmed in the area of ​​the 9th Infantry Brigade at Surasi Camp, Lat Ya Subdistrict, admiring the beauty of the various scenes From the movies that you will actually experience In an area of ​​over 2,000 rai, such as Wat Maha Sangkhachan Phrasaeng gun room Bago Kingdom Si Maha throne, dungeon, Throne Hall, Diamond Castle Hongsawadee Hospital Exhibition of photos from movies With speakers at various points Describing the history, backgrounds and scenes, visitors can also join fun activities such as historical costumes, horse riding, elephant trekking, wagon seats and a souvenir shop for tourists. Open daily from 9: 00-17: 00 hrs. Inquire about Phrommit Film Studio Company 0334 530207-8


Lat Ya district, 24 kilometers from Kanchanaburi town, along the route 3199 for about 18 kilometers to the Lat Ya intersection. There is a right-way intersection, passing the barracks for 3 kilometers and turning right for 2 kilometers.

Wat Pa Luang Tamahua Bua

A tourist attraction for tiger conservation on an area of ​​30 rai. There are various wildlife and pets living together naturally, such as tigers, barking deer, wild boars, horses, gibbons, peacocks, wild fowl etc. Tourists will see the coexistence of various wildlife by peace And is a good friend to monks and general people It is also open for tourists to watch tigers, bathing and feeding tigers. Contact us at 034 531357


38 kilometers from the city to Sai Yok.

Open Zoo Safari Park

The first open zoo in Kanchanaburi. Visitors can experience animals such as deer, bears, tigers, lions, zebras, camels, giraffes closely. Visit the Butterfly Garden and Flower Garden by private drive. Including the zoo also has a car service to watch. Open for viewing everyday from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, inquiring at 034 6282277 - 1


40 kilometers from the city on the Highway No. 3086, at Km. 21

Muang Sing Historical Park

Better known as Prasat Mueang Singh Archaeological sites with artistic construction in the late Lopburi period 16th - 18th century. The city plan is a square. An area of ​​about 800 rai with a laterite wall of 80 meters wide, influenced by Khmer culture The castle is surrounded by a laterite wall, moat and ridge. Architecture style The sculpture was built in Khmer style. Coinciding with the reign of King Jayavarman VII of Cambodia, which has the characteristics of a mixed local technician.


Death Railway

The railroad starts from Nong Pladuk Station. Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi, passing through Kanchanaburi Across the Kwai Yai River Go west through three pagodas checkpoints. Arriving at the destination of Thung Tan Bee Usayat, Burma, is the railroad that was caused by the sweaty flesh of the Allied military prisoners of war, which were recruited by the Japanese army. Is a strategic route through Myanmar There are two beautiful views across the Krasae Cave. Which traverses the cliffs along the Kwai Noi River Currently, this route runs to the very end of Ban Tha Sao. Or waterfall station The distance from Kanchanaburi station to Nam Tok station is 77 kilometers. The State Railway of Thailand Open daily on the route And arrange a special train line Bangkok-Waterfall every Saturday and Sunday.

Hellfire Pass

Part of the Death Railway That prisoners of war in World War 2 cut and drill rocky mountains with labor without tools Modern capital machine To make a hole for the train to pass by Today, still showing signs of the train for tourists to experience.


Located at Km. 66 in the area of the Central District Security Office, Sai Yok District.

Sai Yok National Park

It was declared a national park on October 27, 1980, covering an area of ​​5988750 rai. Most of the area is limestone mountains. It consists of mixed evergreen forest, dry evergreen forest, known as a national park. The only place in the country where the smallest bat is found in the world is the Kitti Bat, including the new species of freshwater crab in the world, such as the Queen Crab, which lived during World War II. This area was also used as a camp for Japanese soldiers. Which still shows signs of rice cooker And the remains of the fireplace in the area As well as showing signs of the Stone Age humans as well.

Wat Pa Sunanthawararam

Is a famous forest temple In the way of Dharma practice of Luang Pho Cha, which was developed by 'Mrs. Sunan Busasai', the wealthy native of Kanchanaburi Which offered 500 rai of land that used to be a degraded forest in Ban Tha Tien, Sai Yok District, established as a temple In order to give the villagers the opportunity to practice the Dharma according to the Forest Temple Line, with 'Phra Ajarn Mitsuo Kesko' pioneered as a monk since 1990, before the Religious Department announced it to be A Buddhist temple named "Sunanthawanaram Temple" on June 11, 2002.

By Wat Pa Sunanthawanaram Has strictly adhered to the guidelines of Wat Pa that Luang Pho Cha has laid down As well as to develop and restore the surrounding forest to suit the monk's Dharma practice And interested people Causing people to have faith and to practice a lot.


By Wat Pa Sunanthawanaram Has strictly adhered to the guidelines of Wat Pa that Luang Pho Cha has laid down As well as to develop and restore the surrounding forest to suit the monk's Dharma practice And interested people Causing people to have faith and to practice a lot.

Hin Dat Hot Spring

Hin Dat Hot Springs or another name is Kui Mang Hot Spring is a hot spring. Rising from a small hill Modest Was discovered by accident By Japanese soldiers That enlistment of allied prisoners of war To come to build the Death Railway in Kanchanaburi forest area During World War 2, Japanese soldiers came to build a cement pond. For bathing in the front Believed to be The benefits of the mineral water in this hot spring Can help relieve And can cure all kinds of ailments, such as beriberi, rheumatism, etc. Therefore, there are tourists And those who love health to travel And bathing a lot of mineral water.


Away from Kanchanaburi town about 135 kilometers on Highway No. 323. Loei from Sai Yok Waterfall up to 30 kilometers.

Pha Tad Waterfall

In Thong Pha Phum district Is part of the Srinakarin Dam National Park It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thong Pha Phum district. The entrance at the highway 323, waterfall area is shady of various kinds of plants. With dense and growing trees.

Pha Tat waterfall is a large waterfall. Located in the Srinakarin Dam National Park area There is one of the most beautiful of Thong Pha Phum district. The water of Pha Tat waterfall falls from a high cliff. Flow descending down the limestone layer With large trees covering the shady throughout the area Became a very beautiful natural scenery.


Km 105 on Highway No. 323, Kanchanaburi - Thong Pha Phum, turn right into approximately 9 kilometers, is a paved road throughout the route.

Pilok mine

The place where tin mining was used. The Wolves are very common on the Tanaosri Mountains. The Thai-Burmese border is nice, especially during the cold season. Can see the scenery of the Andaman Sea at the Thai-Burma viewpoint on the way can visit 'Pillock Hill', a place where fruit trees grow And ornamental plants in winter Which is approximately 32 kilometers away from Thong Pha Phum.


From Thong Pha Phum district Take Highway No. 3272, at a distance of 56 kilometers. Turn left at Ban Rai Intersection for another 26 kilometers.

Thong Pha Phum National Park

In the national forest reserve Huai Huai Khaeng forest and Khao Chang Phuak forest cover an area of ​​700,000 rai. There are many interesting places. There are 2 viewpoints, which are Doi Thong Palae, which can be seen not far from Jog Kadin waterfall, Noen Kood, Doi. Overlooking the Vachiralongkorn dam lake And Khao Chang Phuak, the highest mountain in the national park Consists of 3 nature study routes which are Jok Kadin waterfall, Pha Pae waterfall, Chet Mit waterfall. And the tent location.


It is about 60 kilometers from Thong Pha Phum district by the asphalt road. And a sharp curve, which must be driven carefully.

Village E Tong

Is a Thai-Burma border village Located on the hilltop, 'E-Tong' is a Burmese language that translates to 'Mountain of Angels'. In the past, E-Tong village was very prosperous as an old Wolfem mine. Known as The 'Pillock mine' caused the outlying border communities The ore will be transported through the Thai border at Ban Tong, passing into 'Cambodian Town', Myanmar after the mine closed. Village E Tong Therefore, it is just a small, quiet village that is currently being developed into a new border tourist attraction in Kanchanaburi. Which has charm in the cold weather There is a strong wind blowing throughout the year. In the fresh air, tranquility and the simple way of life of the villagers Which tourists can visit to visit the Thai-Burma border with only a small hill Is a boundary divider And have the national flags of both countries embroidered together.


Located in the district of Pillock Thong Pha Phum District Away from Kanchanaburi town about 146 kilometers from the province along the highway 323 to Thong Pha Phum district. After that, take Highway No. 3272 to cross the bridge over the Kwai Noi River. Through the entrance of the Khao Laem Dam Pass through the banks of the Khao Laem Dam in Tha Pae area, through the farmhouse, through Baan Pilok Until the end of the route at Ban I Thong.

Vachiralongkorn Dam

Vajiralongkorn Dam or Khao Laem Dam Is a stone reclamation, filled with reinforced concrete, 92 meters high, 10 meters wide dam, 1,019 meters long, constructed to block the Kwai Noi River Is a multi-purpose hydroelectric dam With natural beauty The area above the dam has a beautiful view. Suitable for cruises on the reservoir And can see coconut groves on the island in the middle of the water.


Tha Khanun Sub-district, far from Kanchanaburi town 153 kilometers along Highway No. 3233 Nuea Thong Pha Phum District, about 6 kilometers.

Khao Laem National Park

Covering an area of Thong Pha Phum District And Amphoe Sangkhla Buri, Khao Pa, Vachiralongkorn Dam (Khao Laem), with an area of approximately 715 square kilometers. Park area Shady With the Huai Teng Jeng stream flowing through Able to pitch a tent to stay And have a nature study path to the waterfall.


From Kanchanaburi town 180 kilometers, on Highway No. 323 at 39-40 before 30 kilometers to Sangkhla Buri District.

Wat Wang Wiwekaram Temple

Important Mon Temple Lent's location Reverend Father Uttam A monk who is respected by both the Mon, the Thai, Karen and Burmese people. Inside the temple on the river is the enshrined 'Luang Pho Khao', a beautiful marble Buddha statue. Beyond the temple location, about 1 kilometer is the location of the Buddha Bodhaya The square contains the Buddha's relics of the finger bones. The right thumb is the size of a grain of rice. Nearby there are stores selling goods from Burma, including Burmese flour cloths and woodwork. During February every year There will be an event similar to Luang Pho Uttam's birthday. In which religious ceremonies are performed Boxing match And the typical Mon performance And many Karen.


Located 6 kilometers from Sangkhla Buri District.

Three Pagodas Pass

Three pagodas Located in the western border of Thailand Formerly, there are three stone heap of the Thai people before departing from the Thai border into Myanmar in 1929. Phra Sri Suwannakhiri The governor of Sangkhla Buri was the leader of the villagers constructing three small pagodas, as they appear today. In addition, the area is also an important military channel in the whole Thai war history. And Myanmar as well In the area of ​​these three pagodas It is also the location of the border trading market. With products from the Myanmar side for sale Tourists can also cross the border to visit Phaya Tong Su Market on the Burmese side, too, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Inquiring at the Sangkhla Buri Immigration.  034 59105, 034 595353


Nong Lu Sub-district on Highway 323, before Sangklaburi for 4 kilometers, turn right for 18 kilometers.


9 Armed Forces Historical Park

A place to gather knowledge about the history of the war, the 9 major war armies in the reign of King Rama 1 to prevent the invasion of King Padung, Burma in the year 2328, victory in this war, especially in the Thung Lat Ya battlefield Allowing Thailand to maintain independence And maintain the nationality to the present day Inside the building is a simulation cabinet. And a sand table showing terrain simulating enemy marching routes There is also a watchtower for those with a history interest to understand. Choosing to use the terrain for marching And the clearer point of blocking Burma. Open for viewing Monday-Friday from 10.00 - 16.00 hrs. Saturday-Sunday 9.00 - 17.00 hrs. Ask the military operations department, Kanchanaburi 034 583 233


Set up in the area of grassland Chong Sadao, 45 kilometers from the center of town on Highway 323. After that, enter Highway 3199 (Kanchanaburi - Srinakarin Dam) at 24 kilometers.


Is a multipurpose dam in the upper part of the Kwai Yai River Of Mae Klong Basin Development Project Kwai Yai River block in the area of ​​Ban Chao Nen Tha Kradan Subdistrict Si Sawat District Is the largest rock-filled clay core dam in the country Reservoir capacity 17,745 million cubic meters. Facilitating both irrigation benefits Reducing flooding in the Mae Klong River Basin And the production of electricity. Fisheries above the dam ridge have beautiful scenery as a tourist attraction The dam has accommodations, tourist services, restaurants and a boat cruise on the lake.


70 kilometers from Kanchanaburi town on Highway 3199, 4 kilometers from Erawan Waterfall.

Srinakarin Dam National Park

With an area of ​​approximately 953,500 rai, was announced as a national park on December 23, 1981. Inside there are interesting tourist attractions such as the Heavenly Cave, a newly discovered cave. It is a natural tunnel cave with a width of 9 meters, 9 meters high, 150 meters long. On the cave wall, there are ancient paintings appear. Inside the cave is a deep hole with water flowing out of the cave all the time. 'Prang Cave' is a large and beautiful cave. The cave is divided into rooms with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. Within the park, there are lodges and tents for tourists. Including welfare restaurants.

Chalerm Rattanakosin National Park

Or Tham Than Lod National Park, with an area of ​​36,875 rai, declared a national park on February 12, 1980, there are many natural attractions such as hiking trails which are divided into 2 routes, which are route 1, a distance of 2.5 kilometers from Than Loi Noi Cave to reach Than Lot Yai Cave Within the cave, the cave flows through a few stalactites and stalagmites. With streams flowing through the cave After walking up the mountain for about 1.5 kilometers, you will find Trai Trung Waterfall. And continue for about 1 kilometer to reach Than Lot Cave, Route 2 from Than Ngoen Waterfall And Than Thong waterfall, 1.8 kilometers. Than Ngoen waterfall is a small waterfall with 7 levels of terraces. It takes time to travel from the park office. Reach the first floor waterfall for 35 minutes, while Than Thong waterfall Is a large waterfall with 15 floors, takes time to travel from the park office 25 minutes to the first floor waterfall.

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