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Kanchanaburi is one of major and important tourist destination in Thailand. Integrity of nature Green forest nearly half the waterfalls of the country come together in Kanchanaburi, combined with the friendliness of the people of Kan. The city where people have been living peacefully together for a long time. and been creating traditions as well as customs that are unique until being accepted and appreciated by guests from both regions of the country and the visitors, foreigners from different countries.

Comsaed River Kwai Resort, the shady bank of the Kwai Yai River. One of the outstanding things that Kanchanaburi people are proud of. Welcome and look forward to your visit with the full potential of the beauty of the area within the resort throughout Kanchanaburi.

Hotspots in Comsaed

With a vast territory until becoming a community or a small, livable city surrounded by nature. Furthermore, the landscape is still fresh within Comsaed. Thus it is full of space including a small corner, many interesting areas for guests to try to experience.

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Hotspots in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi is the capital city of the western region of Thailand. Located not far from Bangkok Travel conveniently Complete with modern infrastructure systems And full of potential in the country's top tourism that attracts both Thai tourists And visitors from around the world come to experience.

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